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The easiest thing for me would be to just delete the angry faces and complaints of Aro-L. I won't do that, as I am not a fan of censorship and firmly believe that the truth will out anyway.

I take full personal responsibility for the size issue of the BBXB (SR's were not as much an issue), for reasons explained below.

I have finally hit the limit of my abilities as a hobbyist trans-shipper/wholesaler, and it all has to do with trying to accomadate everyone's needs. One customer in eastern Canada requested four different fish - SR, 2 BBXB, RTG - which he plans to put into a partititioned arowana tank with the goal being to create an aro community tank. In the past I had Panda send out mixed types of aros that came in different sizes and it led to dead fish on the part of the buyer. thus, I wanted this customer's fish to be the same size. Furthermore, I had another customer in Edmonton order 10 BBXB who told me just a few weeks before the order was placed that they were for a personal tank, and so I again asked Maju to make sure the fish were the same size. It turns out the customer decided to sell the fish instead and so was disappointed the fish were not in the 8 inch range. I am left confused since I did not want to receive some SR or BBXB that were 3-4 inches bigger than others; this would be deadly in a community tank situation. The good news is that the fish did come in close to the same size. The bad news is they did not come in as large as some people were expecting. Thus, I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place. In the end I made the call on behalf of fellow hobbyists, instead of on behalf of my fellow hobbyist-retailers. Lol, talk about a case of double jeopardy!

To make matters even more complex, this order was way overbooked (apologies and refunds issued) and was of course delayed.

And then of course prices went up on Maju's BBXB's after I cleaned out his larger stock on the February order.

All in all a rather confusing order in some ways. At least the fish came in healthy and nice looking. Sorry they were not all as big as expected.

And on a positive note, the 25 cm Super Red came in looking more like 30 cm. Very orange/red fish; I look forward to videoing it soon in the owners tank.

In conclusion, any problems with this order are 90% my fault. I asked for fish to be the same size, knowing that this would likely mean smaller fish. The fact I did this to help pure hobbyists instead of retailer/hobbyists just highlites the fact that I have grown too big as an importer and my model has to change. The delay of the shipment, however, was not my fault. You can blame that on INTERZOO in Germany if you like. I can not see how reasonable it would be to demand Maju to forego attendance there just to have been able to process this order a few weeks earlier.

I will post video and photos of the fish later today.
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